What’s In Your Edible?

One of the first questions I like to ask myself when purchasing edibles in the new cannabis edibles market is, What is in this edible? It’s a question many consumers should consider when purchasing edibles in an unregulated market.

Edibles are very different and can affect you in a way that you may not be prepared for so make sure to ask the question? WHAT IN THIS EDIBLE? Many mg amounts in most edibles can top a whopping 1000mg and with many experienced cannabis bakers, these mg amounts are very misleading. Most labels and mg amounts are very misleading and overpriced.

Remember to stick to experience edible bakers and sellers, and inquire if they use distillate or regular infused oils. Distillate can be a quick and easy way to infuse but if you do not know what is in your distillate you can be adding additives that can be harmful.

Natural is always best, natural infused oils provide many medical benefits and in turn provide an organic infusion. But if you are looking for that hitter you may want to try a 99.9% solvent-free distillate with a high THC content.
So Before you take a bite always ask, What’s In this Edible?

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