Top 3 mistakes that lead to the downfall of the OCS

First, customers are pretty much fed up with the terrible customer support service of the OCS. They wouldn’t pick up your call and inquire about the issue to get to the solution most of the time.

Second, the shipping service of the store is probably the worst ever to exist. It is not a fault that can be blamed on the shipping service provider’s end. The company takes days and weeks even to start packing the desired order.

And to make matters worst, the flower is usually underweight and dry. No smoker wants to deal with these types of issues. Until the O.C.S. gets a grasp on these issues the situation may get much worse.

What the Ontario administration has to say about this?

Due to the complaints mentioned above registered by the majority of the users, the administration has some serious suspicions over the whole Ontario Cannabis Store chain. Not that dealing in products related to marijuana is illegal or something, but the way they are dealing with the entire operation is not justifiable.

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